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UK Offset Mortgage Guide

Here's a brief guide to the inner workings of an offset mortgage. Lenders in this market offer deals like this. If you have 20,000 worth of savings in a savings account and a mortgage of 100,000, you can apply for an offset mortgage account and pay interest only on the difference, which is 80,000.

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How An Offset Mortgage Can Save You Money

If you own a home and have some savings, then an offset mortgage could make your savings work for you – and save you a lot of money. An offset account is one of a new kind of mortgage that offers flexibility to homeowners.

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Offset Mortgage Rates: How Paying More Can Help You To Pay Less

When shopping around for the best offset account rates, it's worth looking at the two types of flexible mortgages. Offset mortgages link all your accounts, but keep them separate, so you can get tax relief on your Individual Savings Account (ISA). In contrast, current account mortgages lump all your financial dealings into one account with a large borrowing limit.

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How To Choose Offset Mortgage Deals

There are generally two types of offset mortgage deals. Current account mortgages create a large financial pot which is like a current account with a large overdraft. With this type of mortgage deal, borrowers have a drawdown limit and keep all their finances together. Other offset mortgage deals are different, with all the borrowers' finances remaining in separate but linked accounts.

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Is An Offset Account Right For You?

If you need flexibility with your mortgage, then an offset account may be the right choice for you. An offset account sounds almost too good to be true, but it isn't. It works on the simple premise that if you have savings or credit then you have less of a debt.

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Why Best Offset Mortgage Deals Are Not Always What They Seem

When potential homeowners are searching for a mortgage, for example on a comparison website, they will usually look for the offset mortgage best deals. But the best deals may not always be what they seem. They may also end up costing borrowers more than they think over a 25 year mortgage term. To test the theory, we did a search on a well known financial comparison site for the best offset account deals for a homebuyer wanting to borrow £90,000 over 25 years.

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